Body Types

Body Types
Broadly there are three type of body as Ectomorph, Mesomorph, and Endomorph. To know your body type is important as different body type will require different methods of diet, training and muscle building program.

They are thin having lean and long muscle, with difficulty building muscle or store fat. Ectomorphs are decent enough at converting carbohydrates into energy. They have fast metabolism which leads to burn off fat easily. Oftenly there fast-twitch fibres are underdeveloped hence they struggle to struggle to bulk up.

They are big having high body fat, often plump and with a high tendency to store body fat rather than building muscle. They generally store fuel, with muscle and fat majorly in the lower body. They got the toughest body type with regards to managing weight and overall fitness.

They are muscular and well-built muscle, having a high metabolism and responsive muscle cells to build muscle and not storing a fat. A proper plan will make them stronger and athletic without getting them too bulky.

Major Muscle in Body and Weight Training

  • The neck
  • The Back
  • The Shoulder
  • The Arm
  • The Wrist
  • The Hand
  • The Abdomen
  • The Hip
  • The Upper Leg
  • The Lower Leg

Combination of weight training is perform to train each of these muscle. Type of weight training as:

  • Hypertrophy: Increase in muscles by increasing size of cells in muscle fiber
  • Muscular Endurance: Capacity of muscles to absorb tension over a long period of time
  • Muscular Strength: The amount of force a muscle absorb in a single effort
  • Cardio training: Any of the above training will compliment cardio training by increasing your heart rate